Company: Cascade Designs Limited
Address: Enterprise Centre Dwyer Road Midleton Cork Ireland
Telephone: +353 21 4621450
Fax No.: +353 21 4613690
Contact Person: No Contact Person to show
Mobile No.: No Mobile No. to show
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Description: Sleep like you're on a cloud with the Cascade Designs Limited Camping Mattresses. These mattresses are your ticket to a great night's sleep when you're out in nature.

Inflates in minutes with built-in foot pump Durable, puncture-resistant material Lightweight and packs down small Insulated for warmth and comfort Designed for maximum comfort and insulation, the mattress cradles your body on a layer of air. The durable outer material keeps you protected from the hard ground below while the internal structure prevents heat loss.

If you love camping but struggle to get comfortable at night, the Cascade Designs mattress is for you. It transforms rocky, uneven ground into a cushy oasis so you can sleep deeply and wake refreshed for adventure.

Forget counting sheep on lumpy ground - the Cascade Designs Limited Camping Mattresses will send you off to dreamland in comfort.

Quick inflation and deflation Puncture resistant material protects against rocks and sticks Insulated air cells prevent conductive heat loss Packs down small for easy portability The advanced internal structure cradles you on a layer of air for cloud-like cushioning. The insulating air cells trap body heat to keep you cozy on cool nights. The durable outer material protects against punctures so you can sleep easy.

If you love camping but struggle with poor sleep, the Cascade Designs mattress is the solution. It turns any campsite into a luxurious bedroom under the stars so you wake up refreshed and ready for adventure.

Sleep in total comfort with the Cascade Designs Limited Camping Mattresses - the ultimate pad for a great night's rest outdoors.

Built-in foot pump for fast, easy inflation Durable outer material resists punctures Lightweight, packs down small Insulated for warmth and cushioning The innovative internal structure cradles your body on a layer of air for superior comfort. Insulating air pockets trap heat and prevent conductive heat loss through the ground. The puncture resistant outer material protects against rocks and sticks so you can sleep easy.

If hard, lumpy ground keeps you from quality sleep camping, the Cascade Designs mattress is the solution. It transforms any campsite into a 5-star sleep experience so you wake energized and ready for adventure.

Tags: Camping Mattresses
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