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100 Listings
Company Address Telephone Email Website
A B M R Freelance Scaffolding Services Ennis +353656838359
A1 Access Platform Hire and Rental Limerick +35361405017 [email protected]
Abb Limited Finnabair Industrial Park Dundalk Louth Ireland +353 429385100
Abbott Ireland Carbury Point Finisklin Business Park Sligo Sligo Ireland +353 71 9301800
Abbott Ireland Diagnostics Lisnamuck Longford Ireland +353 43 3331000
Abbott Ireland Diagnostics Division Finisklin Business Park Sligo Sligo Ireland +353 71 9171712
Abbott Ireland Vascular Division Clonmel Cashel Road Clonmel Tipperary South Ireland +353 52 6173000
Abbott Nutrition Limited Carbury Point Finisklin Business Park Sligo Sligo Ireland -9195668
Abbott Rapid Diagnostics Parkmore East Business Park Ballybrit Galway Galway Ireland +353 91 429900
Abbvie IDA Industrial Estate Carrigtohill Cork Ireland +353 21 4881400
Abbvie Ireland NL B.V. Ballytivnan Sligo Sligo Ireland +353 71 9155600
Abbvie Ireland NL B.V. Pharmaceutical Operations Manorhamilton Road Sligo Sligo Ireland +353 71 9136600
Ace Plant and Tool Hire Drogheda and Ardee, Co Louth +353419846464
Ace Tool Hire and Sales East Link Business Park, Limerick +35361423699
Adare Hire Ltd Ballycannon, Croagh, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick +35361395000 [email protected]
Adhesives Research Ireland Limited Raheen Business Park Limerick Limerick Ireland +353 61300300
Advanced Couplings Limited Henry Street Roscommon Roscommon Ireland +353 906 626556
Agcon Contractors Ltd Fethard Road, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary +353861089788
Aidan Boyle Plant Hire Ltd Selloo, Smithborough, Co Monaghan +3534757343
Aidan Holland Plant Hire Ballymacowen, Clonakilty, Co Cork +353238834306
Alcon Laboratories Ireland Limited Business & Technology Park Model Farm Road Cork Cork Ireland +353 21 4865100
Alexion Monksland Monksland Industrial Estate Monksland Athlone Roscommon Ireland +353 906 42 6100
Alexion Pharma International Trading College Business & Technology Park Blanchardstown Road North Dublin Dublin Ireland +353 1 254 6400
Alkermes Pharma Ireland Limited Monksland Athlone Roscommon Ireland +353 90 6495000
Alkermes PLC Connaught House 1 Burlington Road Dublin Dublin Ireland +353 1 772 8000
Allard Support Uk Limited Coes Road Dundalk Louth Ireland +353 42 9328177
Allcrete Kingswood, Ballinea, Mullingar, Co Westmeath +353878261302 [email protected]
Allergan Pharmaceuticals Ireland Castlebar Road Westport Mayo Ireland +353 98 25222
Allergan Services International Limited Allergan Pharmaceuticals Ireland Longphort House Earlsfort Centre Lower Leeson Street Dublin Dublin Ireland +353 1 6445299
Alltech Biotechnology Centre Sarney Summerhill Road Dunboyne Meath Ireland +353 1 8252244
Alpha Construction Co Ltd Castlegreine Park, Ballinlough, Cork +353214963597
Alter Pharma Ireland Site D Stephenstown Industrial Park Balbriggan Dublin Ireland +353 (0)1 8418963
Amcor Flexibles Sligo Limited Orchard Park Finisklin Business Park Sligo Sligo Ireland +353 71 9161354
Amgen Pottery Road Dun Laoghaire Dublin Ireland +353 1 204 9100
Andrew Medical & Laundry Supplies Limited Unit 4 Small Industries Centre Finisklin Business Park Sligo Sligo Ireland +353 71 9162423
Andrew Walker Stone and Plant Hire Woodhead, Bruckless, Co Donegal +353749737947
Andrews Construction Ltd Mullingar Business Park, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath +353449348141 [email protected]
Apleona HSG Facility Management Lansdown House Churchtown Dublin Dublin Dublin Ireland +353 1 670 2242
Aptar Ballinasloe Limited IDA Business Park Creagh Ballinasloe Galway Ireland +353 90 964 6033
Ardcian Construction 67 Ardcian Park, Swords, Co. Dublin +35318409695
Ardrahan Plant and Tool Hire Labane, Ardrahan, Co Galway +35391635104
AS Ballantine Quarry Plant Hire Kiltoal, Convoy, Co Donegal +353749147202
Ashgrove Construction Ltd Templemartin, Clara, Co Kilkenny +353567752615
Ashville Construction Ashville, Dunleer, Co Louth +353416853869
Assured Access Scaffolding Ennis +353863795581
Astellas Ireland Co. Limited Damastown Road Damastown Industrial Park Mulhuddart Dublin Dublin Ireland +353 1 8030800
Astellas Ireland Company Limited Bansha Killorglin Kerry Ireland +353 66 9792300
Athlone Optical Blyry Business & Commercial Park Athlone Westmeath Ireland +353 906474162
Athy Int'L Concentrate Townspark Industrial Estate Athy Kildare Ireland +353 59 8638356
Atlantic Industries IDA Business & Technology Park Rosslare Road Drinagh Wexford Wexford Ireland +353 53 9182221
Aughey Plant International Ltd Clones, Co. Monaghan +3534751101
Aughey Screens Ltd Killyconnigan, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan +3534782055 [email protected]
Avara Pharmaceutical Services Shannon Shannon Industrial Estate Shannon Clare Ireland +353 61 714 100
Axis Plant Spares Cullion Road, Letterkenny, Co Donegal +353749122681
AZ Tool And Plant Hire The Mart Complex, Tralee, Co Kerry +353667189950

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Conduct in-depth market research to understand your target customers, industry trends, and competitors in Ireland. This will help you identify opportunities and make informed business decisions. You can focus on creating high-quality products or services that meet the needs and desires of your target customers by listing your business with us. Continuously innovate and improve to stay ahead in the market by being found in the internet.

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Consider opportunities for growth and expansion, such as entering new markets, launching new products, or forming strategic partnerships in Ireland. You can find various businesses that you can interact with or partner with our listed businesses to ensure growth and progress in your business.

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Stunning sunsets, white-washed buildings, and crystal-clear waters, picturesque island. The blue-domed churches and dramatic cliffs make it a dream destination, all these you can find in our business directory of Ireland.

WorldLocalBusiness directory is a comprehensive listing of businesses within a specific geographic area or industry. It serves as a centralized resource for individuals seeking information about local businesses.

Here's how a business directory typically works:

Compilation of listing

WorldLocalBusiness directory gathers information about businesses through various methods. This can include businesses submitting their details directly to the directory, data collection from public records, or information obtained through partnerships or agreements with other sources.

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The directory categorizes businesses based on industry, location, or other relevant criteria. This categorization helps users easily find businesses based on their specific needs.

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Each business listing includes essential information such as the business name, address, contact details (phone number, email, website), hours of operation, and a brief description of the products or services offered. Some directories may also provide additional details such as customer reviews, ratings, photos, or links to social media profiles.

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Users can search the directory using specific keywords, categories, or location filters. The directory's search functionality allows users to find businesses that match their requirements.

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WorldLocalBusiness directory allow users to leave reviews and ratings for businesses they have interacted with. These reviews can help other users make informed decisions and provide feedback to the listed businesses.

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WorldLocalBusiness directory offer advertising options for businesses to gain more visibility. This can include featured listings, banner ads, or sponsored placements within the directory. Businesses can choose to promote their listings to increase their exposure to potential customers.

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With the advent of technology, business directories are often available online and accessible through websites or mobile apps. This allows users to access the directory from their devices, making it convenient to search for businesses on the go.

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WorldLocalBusiness directory require regular updates and maintenance to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the listings. New businesses need to be added, and existing listings may need to be updated or removed if a business ceases operation.

WorldLocalBusiness directory serves as a valuable resource for individuals looking for local businesses and helps businesses increase their visibility and reach within their target audience.


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