Company: Clariant Plastics & Coatings (Ireland) Limited
Address: Monread Industrial Estate Naas Kildare Ireland
Telephone: +353 45866565
Fax No.: +353 45875765
Contact Person: No Contact Person to show
Mobile No.: No Mobile No. to show
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Description: Transform the look, feel, and performance of your plastics with Clariant Plastics & Coatings (Ireland) Limited masterbatches. This innovative line of color and additive concentrates empowers plastic product manufacturers to achieve their vision.

Proprietary colorants and additives compatible with key resins like PP, PE, PET Consistent quality and color performance batch to batch Customizable solutions for your specific application Global manufacturing and technical support network Add brilliant, stable color or enhance functional properties like UV resistance, anti-stats, slip, or flame retardance. Our masterbatches are expertly engineered for dispersion and performance.

Plastics manufacturers trust Clariant to elevate their products. Our masterbatches are ideal for injection molding, blow molding, film, sheet, pipe, and fiber. Transform your plastic parts with Clariant masterbatches.

Tired of dull, inconsistent plastic products? Clariant Plastics & Coatings (Ireland) Limited offers the masterbatch solutions you need.

Vibrant and stable colors for eye-catching appeal Custom additives to enhance performance Optimized for key resins like PP, PE, PET Global expertise from R&D to technical support Specifically designed for dispersion, our color and additive concentrates deliver consistent quality and performance batch after batch. Give your plastic parts the color and function you want.

Clariant's masterbatches allow plastics product manufacturers to make their mark. Use them to injection mold, blow mold, extrude, and mold more captivating, higher-performing plastics.

Plastic product manufacturers can unlock better performance, deeper color, and expanded possibilities with Clariant Plastics & Coatings (Ireland) Limited materbatches.

Achieve bold, consistent color and special effects Enhance functionality with custom additives Optimized dispersibility and compatibility Global R&D and technical expertise Clariant's color and additive concentrates are engineered for superior dispersion, delivering reliable quality and performance. Give your plastics the exact properties you want.

Finally create the plastic products you've imagined with Clariant's masterbatches. Injection mold, blow mold, extrude and thermoform plastics that captivate consumers and outperform your competition.

Tags: Materbatches for the plastic industry
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